Bicycle Dynamism

I feel free when I ride my bike. The vibrant motion of riding creates a connection with my teammates. The bicycle’s core geometry and design, developed a century ago, remain works of pure beauty. Only the components have advanced in sophistication. When I look at them, I see their simplified forms of triangles, circles, and curved lines. Energy intersects when riders are traveling together side by side. It becomes more spirited in a continuous pace line or when a sprint occurs.

Color abounds in cycling through the bike’s various materials, clothing, and accessories. So I use color to express the energy and relationships of the bicycles to one another. Also, by reducing them to their core geometric shapes, I can play with the space within the composition. However long the duration of the activity, my worries vanish when riding just as they do when drawing. Ultimately, I want to share the fun color of cycling.

If you would like to see more drawings, please contact me.

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