Studio Life – Amy Ernst

“I didn’t chose to be an artist, it chose me.” -AE

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Voyage Chicago Interview

“…it’s important for media to more authentically represent the communities they serve…” Voyage Chicago

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Staker Hendrickson Collaborations – The Five Elements – Contemporary Artist Duo

“…And with that, you are brave enough to face the fear of failure…” PS and KH

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Studio Life – Pamela Staker – East Pilsen

“Color, color and color.” KH

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Studio Life – Stephen Sidelinger – Sarasota

“Ingenuity is the word that I think of when I see Stephen Sidelinger’s diverse works of art.” – KH

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Sarasota Visual Artists Lack Support

“…if any support is to come their way, they will have to create it themselves.” – KH

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Studio Life – Grace Howl – Sarasota

“Not only does she have far reaching ideas in her installation work, she is at home painting intuitively on large canvases.” – KH

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Kate’s Book Nook – The Art of Beatrix Potter by Emily Zach

“…she has not received nearly enough praise as an artist…” – Steven Heller

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How did I do that? Creative Process. Part Two.

I stand before my work and puzzle over it and say “How am I going to do that?” – KH

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Kate’s Book Nook – Eat Local for Less by Julie Castillo

“…this important resource shows readers how to bring what’s on their plates in line with what’s in their hearts.” –

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My Studio Clean

I just love a clean studio even if it is only for a few moments. – KH

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How did I do that? Creative Process. Part One.

Do you stand before a work of art, wonder about it and say, “ How did the artist do that?” – KH

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Studio Life – Levi Smith

“… large paintings are created in such a small space that it is hard to imagine how he does it. ” – KH

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Kate’s Book Nook – Secret Knowledge by David Hockney

“The lens can’t draw a line, only the hand can do that…” – David Hockney

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