2021 artistvenu Solo Exhibition – Art by Kate Hendrickson

I have the pleasure of announcing my solo exhibition, “Art by Kate Hendrickson” on artistvenu. A selection drawings from the past three years that come from the Detour and Concealed Faith series are being shown in this virtual setting. 

About the drawings.

DETOUR: The weather’s temperament and how it reacts with the terrain’s formations can be fleeting. However, the impression can be most powerful: a city on the water’s edge is transformed as dramatic weather interacts with the architecture; the energy of the effervescent zone where sea meets land transforms as it reacts to atmospheric changes. As an avid bicyclist and walker, my journeys through urban and rural landscapes that fill my visual field with moments which become the subjects of my drawings. Much of the mileage runs along shorelines. Through personal observation I share what I see and how I feel during those moments. And sometimes, I detour to places in my imagination. In the end, the experience is frozen in time. 

CONCEALED FAITH: There’s a history of hiding who you are. Before Constantine the Great, Christians were persecuted for their beliefs. They often used the symbol of a fish to signify Jesus. The reason is that the Greek word for fish, Ichthys, is so close to the pronunciation for Jesus. This iconography continued onto the Byzantine era. Similarly, Jews have concealed their faith for centuries by hiding symbols of their Judaism for fear of anti-semitism. As you look closer at these works on paper, you will see that there are bits of concealed Hebrew words peaking out and revealing themselves from their surrounding urban and natural environs. My artwork explores and reconciles feelings of discomfort in revealing Judaism, the faith I have chosen. I hope that these works on paper help everyone feel more comfortable proudly expressing who they really are.

What is artistvenu?

artistvenu is new community platform for artists only that offers the following: Four Art Groups (Abstraction Academy, Representational & Figurative, Photography & Digital and 3D & Sculpture), Trending Art Topics, Monthly Guest Speaker Events, Inspiring Stream Discussion, Monthly Juried Virtual Exhibit Entry, Community Mentorship, SEO Friendly Activity for Your Art Brand, Privacy & Security Assured, Help Desk Support and Ad Free.

More about Kate and the exhibition.

A few examples of the drawings in the exhibition.

Close up in the exhibition of Twin Water Spouts© from the Detour series.
Hendrickson. TWIN WATER SPOUTS© pastel-graphite-colored penci, 24″ x 18″. $ 2,000
Close up in the exhibition of Mirage© from the Detour series.
Hendrickson. MIRAGE© pastel-graphite-colored pencil, 24″ x 18. Private Colletion


Close up of Brown (KHOOM)© in the exhibition from the Concealed Faith series.
Hendrickson. BROWN (KHOOM)© pastel-graphite-colored pencil, 18″ x 24″ Private Collection
Close up of Planet Earth (kah-DOOR hah-AH-rets)© in the exhibition from the Concealed Faith series.
Hendrickson. PLANET EARTH (kah-DOOR hah-AH-rets)© pastel-graphite, 24″ x 18″. Private Collection
View of the exhibition space.

For information of works above contact Kate.

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