2022 ELEMENTS: Earth, Air, Fire & Water Exhibition by Art_Fluent

SEA PLASTIC | mixed media collage, 22" x 30" |

A while ago, Pamela Staker and I collaborated creating a series of collages called, "The Five Elements”. Our collage,”Sea Plastic" was one of eighty-seven artworks selected out of 749 entries from a total of six countries for ELEMENTS: Earth, Air, Fire & Water. If you noticed our series notes five elements whereas Art_Fluent’s only four. The fifth element is the aether not the movie ;-).

What Art_Fluent had to say

”ELEMENTS is here to celebrate and reflect on earth, air, fire, and water in all their forms. The fragile ecosystem of our planet is in a delicate state. Everything happening in the world now sets an imprint on our future and livelihood. Our relationship with the elements is complex. It sustains our life and is a source of beauty and wonder. Breathe in the elegance, power, fragility, and wonder of our planet and all of its ELEMENTS." Art_Fluent

About Art_Fluent

Amy Matteson Neill, artist and founder is the driving force behind Art_Fluent.  The platform supports artists worldwide through juried exhibitions and funding opportunities throughout the year.

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