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NY Satellite Print Fair Spring

The NY Satellite Print Fair – Spring Edition opened this past weekend  and will run through June 14, 2021. As art fairs are still not open to the public, this new platform is welcome means for collectors as well as art lovers to see a myriad of fine prints, drawings and photographs presented by esteemed art dealers from across the United States as well as from Belgium, France and Australia.

See my drawings at the fair.

75 Fire (esh)
Kate Hendrickson “FIRE” (esh)© pastel-graphite-colored pencil, 18″ x 23.25″ $2,000

I am so pleased to announce that my drawings are included in this fair through Mesh Art Gallery. Come and visit the NY Satellite Print Fair to see my work as well as great works on paper by other artists. Fine prints, drawings and photographs are great pathway into collecting art. There are so many diverse time periods, styles and subject matter. Today, there is no better way to enjoy seeing so many works on paper from where ever you may be via NY Satellite Print Fair.

69 Green yah-ROHK
Kate Hendrickson “GREEN” (yah-ROHK)© pastel-graphite-colored pencil, 9″ x 12″ $500

Essay on my drawings, Concealed Faith by Bernard Derroitte, April 9, 2021

Bernard Derroitte of Mesh Art Gallery recently wrote an essay about my drawings. And, here is what he had to say.

“It should be contradictory that Kate Hendrickson’s new series, titled Concealed Faith, reveal intimate personal choices she had thus far shared with few.  It is not.

These drawings started to take shape in 2020.  They are drawn in graphite and pastel mostly, and they show the artists creative method with crisp transparency.  In these drawings Hendrickson reveals the way she approaches the sheet of paper, and how she uses her inspiration.  Rather than hide her method in inextricable abstraction, this new corpus roots its artistic meaning in recognizable seeds of creativity.

Recently converted to Judaism, Hendrickson uses Hebrew words to construct her bright new drawings.  As in her other recent series, she uses lines as a compositional starting point.  In the past the scalloped edges of conch shells would become the building blocks of a composition.  Today cut-out sinuous Hebrew fonts form the impetus.  These linear anchors are worked over in thickening layers of pigment.  In the process compositional strengths become apparent to Hendrickson: an image emerges.  Color is subsequently layered against and over the graphic substrate.  As a reality materializes, these abstractions tip into the world of imagination.  We can choose to see a letter or a color, a tangent or a landscape, any reality, entirely our own.

Like so many waves lapping the beach, depositing sand in haphazard and unexpected strata, Hendrickson allows her hand to move freely about the page.  Each new drawing offers the opportunity to compose, decompose, and recompose at the whim of the line, of her material, and of color.  So too can we.  Allowing our eye to wander freely around the whole sheet we may see something today which may not reveal itself tomorrow.

While Hendrickson struggled with her decision to convert, and to reveal this to others, she does not impose this decision on us.  Rather, by coating the letters in echoing lines and shades of color, we get to choose what shines through to us.  Hendrickson does not conceal the Genesis of these drawings.  But she does dare us to come out of hiding and see for ourselves.

As Kate Hendrickson divulges this most individual of aspects of her life for all to see, she turns this hidden journey into a visual diary.  As we stand in front of her bright drawings, and let our mind travel, they encourage us to really look, and really see, and be at peace with our decisions: artistic, emotional, and spiritual.”

For more information on purchasing and special commissions contact: Kate or Mesh Art Gallery

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