Judaica in the Spotlight – Meet the Artist: Kate Hendrickson

Kate in her Sarasota Studio with work in progress, RED (ah-DOHM) 22" x 30" so far pastel and graphite.

This is WOOHOO WOOHOO!!! My interview with Judaica in the Spotlight was published on April 18, 2022. I am so honored and delighted to have been asked. The interview will give more insight into my background and the inspiration behind my personal exploration of how much I reveal about my Judaism.

Sometimes something wonderful happens just out of the blue. And, this was one of those sometimes. I was not aware of Judaica in the Spotlight's online magazine prior to being contacted. I spent time looking at the artists from all areas of disciplines that they were presenting and was completely impressed. Especially, I have admiration for the mission they have set forth.

The Interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

In 2018, I converted to Judaism. How I arrived here is a long story. In short, I came to a point in my life where I needed grounding. You would think after being welcomed into Sephardic family, celebrating the holidays, and cooking along side the matriarch that I would have considered conversion earlier. After many years and I mean many, the exploration began where I finally found home in Judaism. This journey has influenced the artwork that I am currently creating which I will discuss later in the interview.

About Judaica in the Spotlight

Judaica in the Spotlight has made it their mission to introduce contemporary Jewish Art and Judaica Artists to the wider community. There is so much more including various visual arts, performing arts, jewish culture, Judaica, fine crafts, jewelry, etc.

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