Kate’s Book Nook – 33 Artists in 3 Acts by Sarah Thornton

33 Artists in 3 Acts
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Sarah Thornton’s book, 33 Artists in 3 Acts is back in Kate’s Book Nook because it is a special follow up to her book, Seven Days in the Art World. This time she brings you along on her interviews with artists, such as Wei Wei, Jeff Koons, Maurizio Cattelan, Laurie Simmons, Carroll Dunham, Cindy Sherman, Rachid Johnson and Maria Abramovic just to name a few. Her questions open a window on their personal politics, social circles and craft of art making.

Through this 3 act interplay with the artists, Sarah’s question, “What is an artist?” is met with different responses as well as avoidance.

Due to her at ease demeanor, she easily fits into personal spaces and studios as if she has always belonged there. Perhaps this is why the artists shared their lives with such candor. Interesting to note is the art critic who has categorized artists into 4 groups: real – fake – good- bad. See if you agree with him and can you categorize the artists he did not mention.

Again with such a skill in recounting these encounters she reveals that these artists’ way out of the box concepts and their uncompromising convictions create audiences for their work.


Sarah Thornton



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