Kate’s Book Nook – Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton

7 Days in the Art WorldIn only seven chapters with each devoted to a day spent in a different segment of the art world, Sarah Thornton reveals its rarefied society and subcultures. She chronicles each day by telling us the time and date, where she is and what she will be exploring.

Then, her narrative unfolds.

From what she recounts, we get a wealth of detailed information as well as gossip about an auction, an art school, an art fair, a major art world prize, an esoteric art magazine, an art superstar’s studio and the most important international, biennial art exhibition.

All these provide scintillating entertainment to which we generally have never had access and are now able to watch from the sidelines.

Sarah is a master story teller and as a result the book is hard to put down.


Sarah Thornton



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