Yellow (tsah-HOHV)

The Stories Behind the Story – A Magical Morning of Gratitude – Yellow

There is a saying, “Stop and smell the roses.” But unfortunately, we fill life with commitments and obligations, so being in the moment is challenging. -kh

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The Stories Behind the Story – Harmony by the Sea – SEA

No one is perfect when emotions are involved. We can only try to remain calm. -kh

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Rest Stop Espresso


I hope you arrived at your destination with an easier direct route, finding gratitude and a joyful entry to the 2024 New Year. -KH

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The Stories Behind the Story – Artistic Family Perceptions – ORANGE

There are reasons we can be out of step with someone. Are our perceptions of the expectations different? -KH

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The Stories Behind the Story – Navigating Sibling Rivalry – OCEAN

Would getting further into a quarrel over something as plentiful as a shell be worth it? -KH

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