The Stories Behind the Story – Harmony by the Sea – SEA

No one is perfect when emotions are involved. We can only try to remain calm. -kh

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Rest Stop Espresso


I hope you arrived at your destination with an easier direct route, finding gratitude and a joyful entry to the 2024 New Year. -KH

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The Stories Behind the Story – Artistic Family Perceptions – ORANGE

There are reasons we can be out of step with someone. Are our perceptions of the expectations different? -KH

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The Stories Behind the Story – Navigating Sibling Rivalry – OCEAN

Would getting further into a quarrel over something as plentiful as a shell be worth it? -KH

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The Stories Behind the Story – Through the Eyes of the Beholder – PURPLE

We can use the phrase ‘through the eyes of the beholder.’ Because the viewer does see things through their lens, there is no right or wrong answer when responding to art. -KH

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