2016 Serendipitous

Having cut up the last batch of unsuccessful Shell Essence drawings,  I decided to save not only the linear pieces but the negative shapes as well. Some of these negative shapes I set aside to be colored with different values of graphite. While coloring the shapes, I realized that they were acting as stencils. They moved slightly in the process thus creating multiple over-lying patterns. The resulting graphite residue created a serendipitous structure for totally new work.

Taking the lead from this outcome, I enhanced areas pushing them forward and backward with tonalities as well as lifting areas to highlights. To further create structure, I drew lines to connect and define certain areas. The result is a fluctuating surface movement. In reality, these drawings are intuitive compositions that suggest a personal perspective of simple forms that suggest, “Hands”, “Face”, “Woman”, etc. or that refer to water experiences such as the ocean and what lies beneath (reefs, pier pilings, surf, etc.). In the action of making them, I simply get lost within them.