Staker Hendrickson Collaborations – The Five Elements

Nature plays a powerful roll in both Pamela Staker and Kate Hendrickson’s art work. Both have childhood experiences that continue to thread their way into their lives and influence their visions. Pamela experienced such happiness in the outdoors while visiting her grandfather’s cabin. As she grew older, she watched nature reclaim the structure and everything around it because he was no longer there to care for it. She grew up fascinated by nature’s abiding persistence and ability of overcome human interventions if given the chance. Kate’s family vacations to the beach filled her with glee as she scoured for shells. She recalls being at the water’s edge, entering the surf, bracing with each on coming wave and then finally diving into the them as would crest. She would focus on the bottom and the effervescent zone in between. Water’s ever changing power was potent.

There exists an urban/rural duality in Pamela’s artwork. She is forever trying to capture fragments of the colors and shapes etched in her memory and mix them with her current observations as a city dweller. She focuses on moments that are easily passed over or edited out with the hope of discovering something beautiful in the unexpected. The life force of the natural world encompasses so much grandeur, struggle, energy, and power. Force of nature being such an apt idiom. Her goal is to spontaneously choreograph fragments of these varied and ongoing experiences while allowing herself a great deal of freedom in the process, creating energy in the works by applying her marks quickly and with a confidence that is intuitive and decidedly unfussy.

The zone where the sea meets land is full of energy and power as well as enchantment depending on the weather’s temperament and the terrain’s formations. Kate’s artwork shares through personal observation what she sees and how she feels in that underwater world. Her wonderment in a given instant is translated through the light and shadow cast by the movement of the water. Capturing the moment is a fluid process by which the pieces are placed, replaced, moved or removed and even altered replicating water’s action of impermanence until the layering of lines and shapes brings her perception to life. The underlying architectural structure helps freeze that experiential moment and allows visual wanderings in and out of the depths.

Pamela and Kate are bringing together their respective viewpoints and subject matter which are being interlaced into a shared body of work. The collaboration captures the five elements of nature; air, water, fire and earth plus the fifth, aether which depending on the cultural ethos, is defined either as space/the material which fills the universe or sky/heaven or as wood or as beyond the senses. Knowledge, experience, distinct styles and the ensuing conversation have unlocked a creative richness for both artists.

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