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so the saying goes
View of recently completed painting in a virtual contemporary living room. “So the Saying Goes” by Laurie Maves©, oil stick, acrylic with mixed media on canvas, two panels: 60”X 144” | $ 8,600

Laurie Maves studio, The 11th Orange is located just north of where the borders of Sarasota’s Rosemary District and Gillespie Park Neighborhood come together. The small unassuming yellow duplex building is located in an industrial area.

 The studio is divided in to four distinct spaces. As you enter, there is a welcoming room filled with over stuffed furniture where visitors and students congregate. Walking to your right is a room of equal dimension that functions as a small studio. Upon turning left you enter the class room. Then, taking an immediate left is Laurie’s large studio that is adjacent to the class room. Here she is able to work with her large canvases on the floor as well as tacked up to the walls.

BE FREE painting classroom.

View of the classroom.
Can’t have too many brushes for your students.

Laurie’s post graduate education is in art therapy. Through the years as an art therapist and practicing artist she has created a painting course, BE FREE. It is open to everyone whether novice, professional or never held a paint brush ever. The spirit of the class is to focus on the creative process of mark making rather than the finished work. Discovery and creativity through painting can lead to stress reduction and provide a healthy form of self-expression.

Students in a BE FREE class.
Paint supplies.

Laurie’s Studio.

View of Laurie's large studio space showing works in progress.
View of Laurie’s large studio space showing works in progress.
Closer view of one of Laurie's paintings in progress.
Closer view of one of Laurie’s paintings in progress.

About Laurie’s paintings.

Laurie’s current paintings are taking her on a personal journey which has yet to mature. In her own words, “Painting is a deeply personal process of exorcising the subconscious. Specifically the Mixed Media Series ‘Prayers for 2020,’ for me is not only a necessary process that supports continued mental health, it helps me visualize my own spirituality, as well as define a space for prayer and meditation.”

voices echo
“Voices Echo in the Concrete Halls” by Laurie Maves©, |acrylic-oil sticks-oil pastel-china marker on canvas, 60” x 96” | $ 6,900
Detail of ” Voices Echo in the Concrete Halls”©



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