My Little Sarasota Studio

This is my happy, safe place where I create my drawings, store my bikes and enjoy a blooming orchid. The blinds are down right now but when the direct sun moves out of the room I raise them. The scene that I view from my drawing table is a pond surrounded with native plants on its banks. Herons, egrets, cormorants and moorhens in search of food either wade, swim or dive. How lucky I am to enjoy the local wildlife so near.

My happy place.


My studio is only 7 feet wide by 12 feet long. The windows are floor to ceiling for the length of the room. So I feel like I’m outside when the blinds are rolled up.

What’s cookin’ in the studio this morning.

I have laid out a drawing that is about half completed to be worked on this morning

Before I begin working on a drawing, I make a color selection which includes some combo tests. It is also attached to a time sheet. This helps me track time so when a commission comes in. I can then give a good estimate as to when the drawing will be completed.
The materials that I use.
Here is a closer look at the drawing that is currently in progress. It already has a title, “Planet Earth/kah-DOOR hah-AH-rets76”.


Detail while working on the drawing Planet Earth/kah-DOOR hah-AH-rets.
This is a detail of “Planet Earth/kah-DOOR hah-AH-rets76” where the underdrawing has been manipulated with eraser to set up the pattern of color.
Planet Earth/kah DOOR hah-AH rets completed.

What a View!

What I see when I gaze out my window to the pond and the wild life inhabitants.
Here is a better view of the pond.


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