The Stories Behind the Story – A Magical Morning of Gratitude – Yellow

Yellow (tsah-HOHV) | pastel-graphite, 22" X 30" | $ 3,000

Exciting Update! Prepare for a delightful journey as we unveil the 5th chapter of "The Stories Behind the Story" series! With seven more enchanting tales in the pipeline, I genuinely look forward to sharing the adventure with you.

In this chapter, immerse yourself in the charm of a "Kaleidoscopic Chamber: A Magical Morning of Gratitude."

"There's a saying, 'Stop and smell the roses.' But unfortunately, we fill life with commitments and obligations, so being in the moment is challenging."

As we continue, more personal stories tied to the theme of concealing and revealing will unfold, offering a glimpse into the inspiration behind my artwork.

No worries if you've missed any part of the series; all the stories eagerly await your visit in the NEWS section on the website.

I'd love to know if this story resonates with you. Your thoughts are like precious gems, and I'm eager to hear them. Feel free to share your reflections whenever you have a moment. Let's continue this creative journey together!

KALEIDOSCOPIC CHAMBER: A Magical Morning of Gratitude

Photo courtesy of Fiona Art

Do you ever feel absolute joy when the sun rises in the morning?

As an artist…it’s sometimes all about the visual experience. For example, a warm, mystical, golden glow filled my bedroom. Sunbeams danced across the furnishings, causing color and shadow play. I was in the middle of a performance work of art that was continually changing, similar to a kaleidoscope. The underlying structure of this magical experience filled me with awe as I soaked it all in. The early morning light gave me an ideal composition, with glowing windows and shifting shadows. Yet, with each passing moment, even the shadows displayed something new and exciting. What a joy!

Photo courtesy of Charlotte May

Magical Light

Perhaps you have seen the sun rise over a ridge and touch dew-covered fields, making them sparkle, yet due to the terrain, that which lays under deep shadows is only revealed when the sun climbs higher on the horizon. Or you may have seen a sunset that explodes colors that paint the clouds, buildings, and landscape. And, as it slowly sets, the colors transform into an otherworldly vision.

Photo courtesy of Yogendra Singh

Stop and smell the roses

Is there something you have seen that gave you joy? Is it as clear as day when you describe it to someone? Did you savor the moment? There is a saying, "Stop and smell the roses." But unfortunately, we fill life with commitments and obligations, so being in the moment is challenging. We mutter along on autopilot. How much do we miss as a result?

Photo Courtesy of Monica Turlui

Morning person

I am a morning person. This has been the case from a very early age: the first one up, the first one ready for school, and the first one prepared for a trip. It is a challenge to take a moment and breathe. That one morning, I had a joyful moment when sunbeams created a magical visual experience of being inside a kaleidoscope. I wish that I had more of those moments.

Photo courtesy of Cottonbro Studio


On the other hand, I do my best to meditate daily, sometimes without success. However, I continue to pursue the routine. We need to take the time to be grateful for even the small things in our lives that enhance it. It can be a friendly hello from a stranger, someone opening a door for you, or someone offering you a place in line when you have one item to check out. Then there is the gratitude we sometimes take for granted, such as for the people in our lives who love us as spouses, children, parents, colleagues, and friends. I could go on with more examples.

Photo courtesy of Mikael Blomkvist


I have changed the subject from a visual experience to gratitude. However, both give us joy. Being in the moment can help us to recognize that we can be thankful for what we have and not focus on what we don't. Making a conscious effort to create a gratitude list every day will help.

With all the stresses in modern life, finding a moment of joy will set the tone for the rest of the day. Do you struggle like I do to be in the present? Do you recognize the moment when taking a break can help you rejuvenate? Can you enjoy the time no matter how short and be grateful? Let's pursue how we can improve, "stop and smell the roses," put more things into our "grateful" basket, and make our lives fuller with gratitude.


My drawing "Yellow" is a kaleidoscope where every turn reveals a new view, and every color shift creates a new sense of wonder.


SAFE HAVEN: A Summer of Girlfriend Camaraderie - LAKE

"During sultry summer afternoons, my girlfriends and I would flock to the lake for a refreshing swim."

"The positive aspect of our circle was that we had each other and suffered mocking remarks and ostracism together." 

"Gosh, I see this pattern even today as an adult. I wonder how many of us still feel like 'square pegs' and try to fit in for acceptance."

LAKE (ah-GAHM) I pastel-graphite-colored pencil, 22" x 30" | $, 3,000

REVEALED FAITH STATEMENT: The big story behind all the drawings

Who are we? How much do we conceal? My inquiry begins with the history of the Crypto-Jews who outwardly converted during the Inquisition but continued to practice their religion, disguising it ingeniously from the authorities. Yet, even in secrecy, traces were revealed to those who knew where to look. This is just one example of how people have historically hidden their true selves. Even today, individuals often mask their identity out of fear of rejection.

Through my artwork, I explore and reconcile the uneasy feelings associated with revealing my chosen faith, Judaism. How much should I make known? When you examine my drawings, you will notice concealed Hebrew words peaking out from their abstract surroundings. I hope my artwork will encourage others to feel comfortable expressing their true selves.

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