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TREE (EHTS) | pastel-graphite, 22" x 30" | $ 3,000

Imaginative update! Gear up to unveil the 9th chapter of "The Stories Behind the Story" series! Embark in this chapter to explore the creative power in “DAYDREAM: Journey into the Imagination.”

I am amazed at how free children are to express their imaginary experiences.”

As we venture deeper into the series, anticipate the revelation of more personal tales intricately connected to the theme of concealing and revealing. Each narrative peels back the layers, giving you an intimate peek into the inspiration behind my artwork. Three more spellbinding tales will be announced, and I am genuinely eager to share them with you.

Have you missed any segment of the series? Don't fret. All the stories are available in the NEWS section on my website.

I’m eager to discover if the latest story resonates with you. Your insights are of immense value, and I am genuinely excited to hear them. Please take a moment to share your reflections. Let’s keep this creative journey going together!

DAYDREAM: Journey into the Imagination

Have you ever seen something that transports you to a similar yet different place? 

As an artist…I can imagine another place when I see a familiar scene. During my bike rides into the countryside, I often encounter such instances. As I pedal past expansive pastures, I catch glimpses of tree groves, providing shelter to cows and horses. On a particularly sweltering day, my mind conjures up images of desert oases that I've come across on the pages of National Geographic.

Photo courtesy Fatma Cakir

Desert oasis

I envision the allure of the Moyen-Orient, with its picturesque oases on the horizon, surrounded by tall and short palm trees, enclosing a hidden pool of clear, cool water.

Photo courtesy of Maciej Sypien

The blistering heat radiates on a caravan of traders as they traverse the desert, carrying exotic and precious materials for foreign markets. Upon reaching the oasis, they set up their colorful tents, rest their camels, and spend a night under the starry sky.

Photo courtesy of Sergey Pesterev

Do you daydream?

Do you daydream? Do your thoughts take you on a journey? We all have different experiences and interests. What you imagine will be unique to you. The story you create can be short or never-ending. So, do you hide these daydreams, or do you share them?

Photo courtesy of Tobias Aeppli

Childhood Imagination

I am amazed at how free children are to express their imaginary experiences. And, I wonder when we lost that freedom and why we hid our dreams. I don't necessarily share my imagination journeys. It isn't that I don't want to share them. But I don't think about it. Is it that we are discouraged from expressing our dreams as we grow older? I recall hearing," Oh, that's just a fantasy," said dismissively. Or you may have heard, "Grow up. Your imaginary friend is not real." It doesn't matter who said it. It was said.

Photo courtesy of Alan Mas

When we were children, we created freely

All of us were creative when we were kids. We didn't hold back. We finger-painted, scribbled with crayons, cut and pasted colorful construction paper, and made crude bowls in clay. Sometimes, our art ended up on the walls. And not because our parents hung it up there. We found another surface for expression that our parents didn't appreciate. With all these media, we expressed how we saw the world, not how the adults around us did.

Photo courtesy of Alan Mas

We all have creativity

What happened? We all have creativity. We have to rediscover it. Most of us never lost it. Many of us use it without even thinking about it. We need to realize that we use creativity every day. When you solve a problem, you are being creative. There is a world of possibilities through imagination. Let's discover them together.


The place where my imagination appears the most is within my artwork. It's the familiar scenes that prompt it. I take the time to meander and enjoy the landscape on solo bike rides. The drawing, "Tree," was inspired by one of those rides. The groves of trees I saw didn't reveal what was hidden within, just as I have expressed in this drawing. However, they were in a vast landscape under the scorching summer sun. As a fan of National Geographic and the exotic places pictured within its pages, the recall of desert oases invited my mind to wander there.

There is always a place to find imagination

Photo courtesy Carlos Perez Adsuar Anton


CROSSROADS: A Unique Opportunity to Shape Your Life - ROAD

"It was a choice that required me to step outside of my comfort zone, but ultimately, it proved to be a wise decision…"

"Decisions at critical crossroads shape your journey and ultimately determine your destination." 

"We make decisions based on the intersection, whether perceived or presented. It's always your choice. 

Road (ke-VEESH) | pastel-graphite, 22" x 30" | $ 3,000

REVEALED FAITH STATEMENT: The big story behind all the drawings

Fascinated by how we conceal or reveal ourselves, I ask, who are we, and how much do we hide from the world? The question has been at the heart of my recent artwork, inspired by the history of the Crypto-Jews during the Inquisition. These individuals continued to practice their true faith in secret, using their ingenuity to avoid detection by the authorities. It’s intriguing how they concealed their religious practice and how clues were revealed to those who knew where to look.

However, this is just one example of how people have historically hidden their true selves. Even in modern times, many still need to mask their identities, fearing persecution or rejection. It’s a painful reality that so many of us hide who we are.

In my artwork, I explore the tension between concealing and revealing my own identity as a Jew. How much should I disclose, and what should remain veiled? In my drawings, I embed Hebrew words that are partially concealed within abstract environments. These symbols serve as a metaphor for how we all hide aspects of identity while providing a subtle hint to those who know where to look.

Ultimately, I hope my art will encourage others to feel more comfortable expressing their true selves. Whether we conceal or reveal our identities, we all have a unique story to tell, and we must find the courage to share it with the world.

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