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Kate Hendrickson maintains studios in both Chicago and Sarasota. She earned an MFA from the University of Denver. She taught at Barat College, Lake Forest, IL, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL. Hendrickson has been a visiting artist at the School of Art and Design of West Virginia University, a visiting committee member of the College of Creative Arts of WVU, and a celebrated consultant in their mentorship program. 

Hendrickson has exhibited in group shows at Grace Howl Contemporary Art (Sarasota, FL), Bridgeport Art Center (Chicago, IL), ARC Gallery (Chicago, IL), the Art Center of Sarasota (Sarasota, FL), and SPAACES (Sarasota, FL). Her work has also been exhibited through Mesh Art Gallery (Chicago, IL ) at Print Fairs in the prestigious institutions of McNay Fine Art Museum (San Antonio, TX), Minneapolis Institute of Art (Minneapolis, MN), and the Cleveland Museum of Art (Cleveland, OH), and recently completed a public art commission through “Art in Common Places" Sarasota, FL; a collaboration with poet Mary Ladany.

A few years after finishing her MFA, teaching, and working in galleries, Hendrickson became an international art dealer of recognition specializing in late 19th to mid-20th century works of art on paper. During those years, Hendrickson focused her creative energies on building a service business, but the passion for making artwork won over. When transitioning back into her original path, an artist friend reminded her, "You have had years of extraordinary visual sensory input; it has to be output somewhere." These experiences have added to her commitment as a fine artist and increased her value to mentor other artists.


Kate in her Chicago Studio
Kate in her Chicago studio.
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