Concealed Faith »

As you look closer at Kate Hendrickson’s works on paper, you will see that there are bits of concealed Hebrew words peaking out and revealing themselves from their surrounding abstracted urban and natural environs. Her artwork explores and reconciles feelings of discomfort within revealing that Judaism is the faith she has chosen. Hendrickson hopes that these works on paper will help everyone feel more comfortable proudly expressing who they really are.

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Detour »

As an avid bicyclist and walker, Kate Hendrickson journeys through the urban and rural landscapes which fill her visual field with moments that become the subjects of her drawings. Much of the mileage runs along shorelines. The weather’s temperament and how it reacts with the terrain’s formations can be fleeting.

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Serendipitous »

Kate Hendrickson’s family vacations to the beach filled her with glee as she scoured for shells. She recalls being at the water’s edge, entering the surf, bracing with each on coming wave and then finally diving into them as they would crest. She would focus on the bottom and the effervescent zone in between.

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Collaboration with Pamela Staker »

Nature plays a powerful roll in both Kate Hendrickson and Pamela Staker’s art work. Both have childhood experiences that continue to thread their way into their lives and influence their visions.

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