During family vacations at the beach, I was filled with glee as I scoured for shells. I recall being at the water’s edge, entering the surf, bracing against each on coming wave and then finally diving into the them as they would crest. I would focus on the bottom and the effervescent zone in between. The zone where the sea meets land is full of energy and power as well as enchantment. To this day childhood awe remains.

Through personal observation I share what I see and how I feel in that underwater world. The wonderment in a given instant is translated through the light and shadow cast by the movement of the water. Capturing the moment is a fluid process by which graphite as well as pencil marks are placed, enhanced and even altered. Water’s action of impermanence is replicated until the layering of lines and forms brings my perception to life. The underlying architectural structure freezes that experiential moment and allows visual wanderings in and out of the depths.

If you would like to see more drawings, please contact me.

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