2021 ABSTRACTED Exhibition by ART_FLUENT

Brown (KHOOM)
KATE HENDRICKSON “Brown (KHOOM)” pastel-graphite-colored pencil, 22″ x 30″

WOOHOO… My drawing BROWN (khoom) has been selected for the exhibition, ABSTRACTED presented by ART_FLUENT. They received 992 entries from a total of seven countries from around the world. And, only a select number of works was chosen. I am so happy to be included in this talented group of abstract artists. Click to see ABSTRACTED.

About the Exhibition

Here is what ART_FLUENT had to say about the exhibition. “The abstract process is a dance, where the development of a piece becomes interactive and intuitive. Shape, color, form, gesture, and imagination take center stage to create artwork essentially free from visual reality. With a solid compositional structure, abstract artwork exists entirely on idea, feeling or quality. Leaving the viewer with the challenge to understand truth and reality, ABSTRACTED is a dynamic and bold result of that fluid journey.”


Through juried exhibitions that are presented during the year, Art Fluent supports artists worldwide. The online exhibitions award cash prizes and for any artwork sold, the artist retains 100% of the sale. A portion of the entry fee proceeds is donated to organizations that are committed to the arts and supporting artists. In addition, the gallery offers unrestricted grants on a rolling basis to individual artists recognizing artistic excellence. 

Learn more at ART_FLUENT.

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About My Artwork

As you look closer at my drawings, you will see that there are bits of concealed Hebrew words peaking out and revealing themselves from their surrounding abstracted urban and natural environs. My artwork explores and reconciles feelings of discomfort in revealing Judaism, the faith I have chosen. I hope that these works on paper will help everyone feel more comfortable proudly expressing who they really are.

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