2021 Inner Power Exhibition by Art Queens

inner power

This summer, my drawing, FOG (ah-rah-FEL)© was selected for the virtual exhibition, Inner Power by Art Queens and is shown in GALLERY IIIThe Art Queens offered this opportunity to its membership through Create Magazine.

I belong to the The Art Queens. It is the brain child of the artist, Ekatrina Popova who is the founder of Create Magazine as well as co-author with Alicia Puig of the book, The Complete Smartest Guide. Ekatrina also coaches artists to help them expand their business. The organizing fosters support through the affirmation, inspiration and information that an artist may need.

Here is a quote from The Art Queens website that sums up the philosophy: “This is where you expand your business, manifest abundance and find connection with artists who want to play by their own rules – just like you.”

A view of the exhibition.

view of room
View of the virtual room where my drawing, FOG (ah-rah-FEL)© was exhibited. My drawing is on the far right in Gallery III.
Close up of my drawing, FOG (ah-rah-FEL)© in the exhibition.

A closer look at the drawing.

 Fog ah-rah-FEL
Hendrickson. FOG (ah-rah-FEL) © pastel-graphite-colored pencil, 17″ x 14″ $ 1,000.

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