New York Satellite Print Fair 2020 – Mesh Art Gallery

screen shot Mesh Gallery

I am thrilled to share the news that I participated with Mesh Art Gallery in the New York Satellite Print Fair that was virtual this autumn. It ran from October 17 through November 8, 2020. This new platform has become successful for dealers and collectors during this time so they don’t have to be physically present to attend the event. The dealers have adapted their business model to continue to show fabulous works of art on paper.

This year’s exhibitors came from across American as well as Canada and the Netherlands. You wouldn’t have been disappointed by the selection or by the prices. There was something for every collector from novice to expert. So, all you had to do was tap the link and you were there.

Two of my drawings that were presented in the exhibition are picture below.

I am sure those that attended had a good time looking at remarkable works of art on paper.

WIND ruahWind ruah

Sun She-meshSUN SHE-mesh

For more info contact: Mesh Art Gallery or Kate Hendrickson

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