SPAACES 2021 An Artist’s Eye View into the Exhibition

On Friday, December 3, 2021, the exhibition COMPOSE DECOMPOSE RECOMPOSE: Forming Social Constructs opened at SPAACES in Sarasota, FL. Three artists of which I, Kate Hendrickson was one exhibited our most recent artworks. Painting, sculptures and drawings were installed in such away to create a visual conversation. Below I have posted photographs of the show which is especially for those who were not able to attend. And, you will learn about SPAACES as well as the other two artists, Kathy Wright and Mary GrandPre.

View of Exhibition
View of the title on the wall and all our work together.

How the curator found my artwork

Have you ever asked an artist how they received an invitation to do an exhibition? The circumstances can be many. For me with this show, it was the membership in an organization that had built into its website a members list attaching to each artist a few samples of artwork, a brief statement and website. Little did I ever think that this membership would be a curators’s resource leading to an invitation. So I am making a big shout out to Women Contemporary Artists located in Sarasota, FL. They have done a great service to the membership by creating this list.

The invitation

So out of the blue, I received a call from Marianne Chapel who is the driving force behind SPAACES. She asked if she could do a studio visit and discuss my participation in an exhibition that she was planning. She was wanted to match three artists whose work would have a visual conversation not only in the process but in related theme. This had become a challenge for her. When she arrived we sat, enjoyed a pot of tea and spent time getting to know one another. She looked at my drawings that were not nearly finished and those created in the prior year. We hit it off and I accepted the invitation.

Exhibiton Promotion Image
Kate Hendrickson - Kathy Wright - Mary GrandPre

My drawings would be in the good company of sculptures by Kathy Wright and paintings by Mary GrandPre. All I had to do was make sure I finished the drawings Marianne had admired and add a few that had been completed prior. Of course there were administrative obligations which came along with the contract that sealed the commitment. That goes without saying.

About my drawings

BLACK (shah-KHOHR) 2021 | pastel-graphite-colored pencil, 22" x 30" | $ 3,000

Who are we? How much do we conceal? My inquiry begins with the history of the Crypto-Jews who outwardly converted during the Inquisition but continued to practice their religion, disguising it ingeniously from the authorities. However despite concealing…

About the Exhibiton

Here is the synopsis of the exhibition. “What is the basis for shared assumptions about reality? Using paint, pastel, charcoal, collage, mixed media, and sculptural installation this exhibit discusses our current social constructs and the effect these constructs have on personal relationships and growth. These artists explore the beliefs and practices built over time by society to create order and make sense of the objective world, and over time by society to create order and make sense of the objective world, and more specifically, how these practices benefit or do not benefit individuals. Meanings that are developed in coordination with others or en masse, rather than individually, do not fully take into account unique personalities and their journeys. By practicing compassion, self-searching, and mindfulness, humans can alter the social norm for the better, and as they continue to interact and recompose themselves, create change in the world at large.” Marianne Chapel

SPAACES is a visual arts organization dedicated to supporting artists by offering affordable art studios, quality exhibitions, and an encouraging, creative environment.

Looking into SPAACES at the main entrance


Note: All the small photographs can be expanded to see larger. Click on them to open the lightbox.

View of the main gallery
View of the main gallery with Kathy Wrights's sculptures and Mary GrandPre's paintings and my drawings
View through Kathy Wrights's sculpture.
View of the main gallery
View of the main gallery with Kathy Wright's sculptures and Mary GrandPre's paintings and my drawings
View of the main gallery
View of the main gallery with Kathy Wright's sculptures, Mary GrandPre's paintings and my drawings.
Rock (SEH-lah)
Left. Rock (SEH-lah) pastel-graphite-colored pencil, 22" x 30"

The small gallery

There is a smaller space within the main gallery where a more intimate installation was done. Here Mary GrandPre's paintings and my drawings were hung in closer proximity.

View in the small gallery
View in the small gallery

à la fin

Kate on the right with her sister-in-law, Joan

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