bicycle study
Sketchbook Bicycle Study | prismacolor, 7 1/2" x 9 3/4"

Warm greetings to you,

During the past year, I hope it has been easier to navigate a new road with less twists, turns and detours. With an easier direct route, I hope that you arrived at your destination finding gratitude and a joyful  entry to the 2023 New Year.

Many best wishes to you and yours.



You may be wondering about the image above because it is unlike my current body of drawings. I am an avid cyclist. What I experience visually while cycling is often reflected in those drawings. However when having an “artist block”, I turn to my sketchbook in which I draw small studies of my bicycles.

They offer a diversion of interesting circles and triangles that overlap depending on the perspective. The sport is full of color from the bicycles to the clothing to the events. So of course, there is color and more color.

For me, riding is a simple pleasure of freedom and carefree feeling of youth. I hope that you too can find the simplest delight in your pastime. New series of drawings just beginning. Stay tuned.

bicycle study
Bicycle Study in the Sketchbook
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