New Work

This portfolio will feature the most recently completed works. Eventually as series are completed, the works will be moved to the appropriately dated and titled portfolios. Current thoughts on this body of new work:

As an avid bicyclist and walker, the journeys that I take through the urban and rural landscapes fill my visual field with serendipitous moments that become the subjects of my drawings. Much of the mileage runs along shorelines. The weather’s temperament and how it reacts with the terrain’s formations can be fleeting. However, the impression can be most powerful: a city on the water’s edge is transformed as dramatic weather interacts with the architecture; the energy of the effervescent zone where sea meets land transforms as it reacts to atmospheric changes. Through personal observation I share what I see and how I feel during those moments. And, sometimes I am led to places in my imagination. The environs guide color choices. A moment begins to be captured by the underlying structure of the drawing. The placements of pastel, graphite and colored pencil which are enhanced and even altered allow a weaving of space throughout the composition. And in the end, the experience is frozen in time.