The Stories Behind the Story – Through the Eyes of the Beholder – PURPLE

PURPLE (sah-GOHL) סגול | pastel-graphite-colored pencil, 22" x 30" | $ 3,000

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

I am thrilled to introduce the debut of "The Stories Behind the Story" series. I have twelve months of tales lined up, and I can't wait to embark on this adventure with you. In this first installment, we're diving deep into PURPLE and unraveling "Through the Eyes of the Beholder."

"As a creative individual, I often wonder how others may see a piece of art and wish I could see it through their eyes. In their perception of it, what might they see, and how would they respond?"

As the series continues, I will share more personal stories related to the theme of concealing and revealing, which inspires my artwork.

Don't worry if you miss any part of this series. Every single story will be waiting for you on my website in the NEWS section.

Let me know if this story resonates with you. I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

THROUGH THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER: Exploring How Others See in an Artwork

Should we have to explain why we like an artwork? Or is it enough to say that we like it?

As an artist…I wonder if it is enough to express that we like something or whether we need to explain and give a reason as to why we like it. In the instance of my drawing PURPLE, the answer is a combination of the two. It is my favorite drawing from the series despite not having a personal story to go along with it. And, I love this drawing due to the composition's movement, color relationships, and the abstract contrast between the letter shapes.

However, this is my way of responding to a work of art - I have a background in the arts and have years of experience looking at and analyzing art to define why I like it. I often wonder how others may see an artwork and wish I could see it through their eyes. How do they respond, and what do they see? Does something in that artwork strike an emotional chord by recalling a memory, reminding them of someone, a place, or an event? Does it make them happy? Does it make them sad? Or, is the answer so simple as to say... I like it.

There is no right or wrong answer when responding to art

We can use the phrase "through the eye of the beholder." Because the viewer does see things through their lens, there is no right or wrong answer when responding to art. I will share personal stories in this series of newsletters to begin the dialogue about concealing and revealing on which my artwork is based, as are the stories. I will be sharing my experiences and what my drawings mean to me. However, within the content, you may recognize a similar circumstance in your life, although different from mine. I encourage you to share it. Again, there is no wrong answer.

Come along on this journey with me

I must admit that I struggle with revealing bits of myself and more of my life stories. Therefore, I invite you to come along on this journey with me so that it becomes yours and we can share it. This series of newsletters currently holds some childhood to adulthood recollections. The themes include sibling rivalry, family expectations, cherished memories, magical experiences, adolescent summer, mystery, unconditional support, imagination, crossroads, and personality colors.

What about Red?

At the end of the series, I write about the drawing RED. In this story, I can identify with my grandson's straightforward confession: I love the color red, and add that I, too, love the color blue. But having said that, I love the color blue; it's worthwhile to delve further and examine why we like something.


Circling back to if it is enough to express simply that we like something or whether we also need to give a reason for it. In a way, my affection for Purple is intellectual since I value the compositional components of the work. Together with the violet shades I selected, my favorite color, blue, and another favorite, orange, are featured in the composition. It differs from my other drawings in that it doesn't draw on emotional or sentimental memories from my life.

Hidden Treasures: Navigating Sibling Rivalry - OCEAN

"I vividly recall the water's rich shades of green that would change with the swells, and I knew that hidden treasures lay within its depths."

"Hiding my shell collection avoided conflict but didn't resolve the rivalry."

"In a moment of calm, we discussed feelings about growing up, and I discovered three different stories. Their viewpoints are different from mine."

OCEAN (ohk-YAH-noos) | pastel-graphite-colored pencil, 22" x 30" | $ 3,000

REVEALED FAITH STATEMENT: The big story behind all the drawings

Who are we? How much do we conceal? My inquiry begins with the history of the Crypto-Jews who outwardly converted during the Inquisition but continued to practice their religion, disguising it ingeniously from the authorities. Yet, even in secrecy, traces were revealed to those who knew where to look. This is just one example of how people have historically hidden their true selves. Even today, individuals often mask their identity out of fear of rejection.

Through my artwork, I explore and reconcile the uneasy feelings associated with revealing my chosen faith, Judaism. How much should I make known? When you examine my drawings, you will notice concealed Hebrew words peaking out from their abstract surroundings. I hope my artwork will encourage others to feel comfortable expressing their true selves.

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